Who we are


Ukrainian Sustainable
Development Foundation

is a Kyiv-based platform uniting leading
legal professionals, political and economic
experts with a variety of backgrounds both
academic and business and a strong
industry competence.

This platform benefits from combining profound
theoretical knowledge and extensive practical
experience of representatives of business and
academic circles.

We aim to develop legal awareness and improve
transparency and general understanding of the
law-making process among business representatives
and civil society.




To strengthen democracy and rule of law in Ukraine
by effective legislative initiatives

To promote international ethics standards

To encourage pluralism, openness and transparency of law-making in Ukraine



Monitoring, analyzing and drafting legislative initiatives to enforce anti-corruption reforms

Facilitate communications between business and political representatives

Ensure effective maintaining of a favorable regulatory environment and balance of interests of market stakeholders


Thought Leadership


Experts are recognised professionals in their fields

Authors of numerous comments, reviews on political, economic and legal issues

Regularly participate as invited speakers at the international and national professional conferences and forums

Closely cooperate with business and professional associations, in particular with regard to law making and lobbying

Hold decision-making positions at the professional and business associations and working groups aiming to improve Ukrainian laws and regulations

Representative Experience


In drafting laws and subordinate legislation in Ukraine

USDF experts have been actively participating in the legislative initiatives and working groups with in various public and industrial organizations.


Association for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (APRaD)

European Business Association (EBA)

American Chamber of Commerce (ACC)

US-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC)

International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI)

International Trademark Association (INTA)

Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA)

Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business (UCAB)

Ukrainian Internet Association (UIA)

Ukrainian Trademark Association (ITA)

International Bar Association (IBA)

Public councils at different ministries and other central governmental bodies etc.